Organic Gardening Our Way of Gardening with Nature

Organic gardening has become a life style for some of us. It is more than just a way of providing good quality food for us and our family or a way to increase the scenery of our landscape with green lawns or with breathtaking view of beautiful flower beds.

It is a model of what is possible in our community to preserve our environment.

For those of you who have been growing organically whether in purpose or accidentally, we give you our highest appreciation and for those of you who still practicing harmful method in your gardening activity whether in purpose or accidentally we encourage you to find out more about the nature friendly way of gardening and to practice it.

Organic Gardening

What is Organic Gardening ?

Well, the simple answer is that you grow your plants without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

It is about working in harmony with the ecological systems and minimize disturbances of the Earth’s natural balance. That’s why it is required that you continually replenish any resources that your garden has been used and try to prevent problems and treat them when they arise in the least damaging ways.

Why Organic Gardening ?

There are several reasons why people choose to grow their own the natural way. You too might consider these reasons to give you motivation to do organic gardening yourself

  • You can take control over what you eat

This method allows you to produce high quality and safe crops. Start by choosing good seeds, avoid using genetically modified ones, because the health risk are still unclear. You use compost to feed and fertilize your plants, no synthetic fertilizer involved. You pay good attention to soil health to then foster the plants’ defenses against pest and disease, your pest management will get easier , and again no need to use synthetic pesticides.

You grow them your own and when you harvest them you know there are no toxic residues in your food.

  • You can contribute to creating a better environment

The growing techniques applied are safe and sustainable over the long period of time and these techniques enable you to improve the quality of soil, air, and water, as well as the lives of every organism that depend on them. As you grow your own, you will reduce your carbon footprints and cut back on your food miles as the journey it takes for getting your food is from your garden to the kitchen.

If those reasons are not good enough to make you start growing organically, and if you only do something for personal reasons that you can actually gain something from it, then take a good look at the benefit it offers.

Organic Gardening

Benefits of organic gardening

This gardening activity can really benefit you.

  • Growing organically will give you more nutritious produce and in some cases they contain higher levels of antioxidants, which are beneficial in fighting cancer and heart disease.
  • It is a form of exercising and relaxing. It is not only good for your body but it is also good for your soul.
  • You have a chance to grow your fruits, vegetables or hebs to develop true flavors by giving them time to mature. Eating right out of your garden soon after harvesting ensures the highest quality produce, you get intense, realistic flavors as well as higher vitamin and mineral content.
  • You can grow at least some of what you eat and reducing your food bills. It can save you money in the long run.

With organic gardening you get good food to eat,healthy body and preserve the nature at the same time.

Don’t hesitate to act, just roll up your sleeves and work with nature. You can start small, even with just a single plant or two. And you’ll build up your knowledge and gain experience over time by continue practicing.